All this while, I’ve been vocal about my relationship with my father and how he was my pillar of strength. His passing away has affected me deeply and it shows, be it in Irony Meets RealityPrinciples, or Obituary. However, my last trek to Kanchenjunga National Park in Sikkim brought a new line of thought. It evoked a realisation strong enough to be worded and voiced. My family is, and has been, the most important part of my being. And though I’ve paid ample regard and homage to my father, I’ve never expressed how my mother has been there always to build me in to a man of regard and respect, of stature and, more importantly, of gratitude. On my way from Yuksom to Darjeeling in a shared taxi, with another 12 pax stuffed in it, I sobbingly wrote this poem for my old lady. The pretty sites of snow-kissed peaks on one side and tea plantations on the other didn’t help but further melt my heart.

It is her 55th birthday today and I couldn’t have thought of a better opportune moment than this to let her know what she means to me. I’ve been an advocate of non-monetary and non-materialistic gifts, especially with friends and family. And there could’ve been very little that I could’ve presented to my mother at this brittle age than an expression of love and gratitude.

This goes out to everyone. I hope everyone reads a similar emotion to their mother(s). I wish to celebrate, through this humble effort, not only my mother and her devotion towards us, but every mother and the purity of a relationship and emotion called motherhood. Read it with a picture of your mother in mind and I hope it at least justifies attempting to evoke a feeling that’ll forever remain inepressible in its fullest


Everyone knows the word, not many understand
A relationship without which this world is just bland
It’s the first word a newborn utters
In its shadow he flourishes and nurtures

‘Maa’ is not a person, it is an essence
A house is a home only with her presence
She builds a kid in to a man
With pains, smiles, and tears in her drams

You were my first toy and sheild from the world
Life’s all precious lessons from you I’ve learnt
Stupid acts and games you’ve played
Burnt yourself but never let us drain

You’re an actor, you’re a teacher
A true guardian, life’s biggest preacher
You love and care, scold when we’re at fault
First one to pick up and dust us off when we fall
Your adulation is our pillar, keeps us grounded
Unconditionally you’ve given beyond all boundaries

You’ve hit us with whatever came in your hand
All in the making of a smart man
Scolding us you too must’ve cried at nights
Holding that pillow to your chest real tight
I promise all that beating hasn’t gone wasted
It’s thanks to that all the success I’ve tasted

A woman is the secret behind a man’s success
For me who else could it be, don’t need a guess
Today, I walk proud with honour and dignity
Thump my chest saying she’s who’s made me

We may’ve grown up but a timecheck you still do keep
Unless we return to the nest you just won’t sleep
I’m sure your heart and mind goes beep beep
Thinking what if he returns hungry and wants to eat?
Forever ready to provide, even when down
Maa, you’re the most precious jewel in our crown

You maybe getting wrinkled and old
A beautifully benevolent smile you still do hold
Your charm and sheen will never go dull
Just how a moment in your lap wasn’t ever lull

You’ve done too much, it’s time to lay back and enjoy
In bringing you worldly happiness let us be employed
No matter what we do we can’t ever match what you’ve delivered
No luxuries can ever measure your sacrifices and efforts

Today even the gods bow down to you from the skies
Seeing you happy I’m sure even ‘he’ does cry
What you do is simply magic
No one can challenge your purity at it
Maa, so lovingly and selflessly you’ve given
There’s a place surely reserved for you in the mighty heavens


To all the ladies out there who are or will be mothers, a salute to you and a relationship that is bigger than anything in this perishable world. Thank You for being you and making us what we are. This lifetime will be dedicated in only and only one task, paying you back in every way possible for bringing us here and nourishing us in to a man of honour…