Seconds by seconds we waited to see each other
Even the slightest delay would leave us bothered
Our love blossomed we became a pair
Considering a life otherwise was a thought in despair

Minutes by minutes our relationship grew
Took us far but closer it drew
We vowed we’ll never part
A new life together someday we’ll start

Step by step our travels took us places
We saw valleys, trekked together, in memories we left our traces
We were convinced we were meant to be
Not just a few spots, the whole globe together we were to see

Brick by brick we built our home
We swore we’ll stick together, the weather be cold or warm
Beds, walls, floors, tiles, all waited to embrace us
They knew our hugs and cuddles will be oh-so-gracious

Beat after beat we became one heart
Didn’t know soon the troubles will start
Every day was a struggle, pillows were left wet
We cursed and said, wish we hadn’t met

Day by day we lived and survived each other
Breathing became difficult, our presence would leave us smothered
A cursed day fell on us and tore us bad
He was unhappy coz his beloved was sad

Drop by drop our tears would keep rolling
She wouldn’t pick his calls and like mad he’d keep calling
He wanted his angel back and for her he’d put up fight
Rising from the ashes he’ll return her smile

Piece by piece he build her again on Earth
Told her who she was and she realised her worth
In fire he burnt to fill her cracks and wounds
In the process he healed too, the love was back soon

Stare by stare they saw the love grow back, it was here to stay
They learnt from the cursed day and knew it wasn’t child’s play
They stayed cautious and embraced each other again
He nurtured her and her affection never went in vain

Hugs by hugs they told each other their love was strong and pure
It was their abundant affection that was their secret cure
They fell ill, lost and won chapters of life
Yet upon them even sun, moon, and the stars would smile

Decades by decades their relationship matured and they grew old
Never went a day when they slept over a fight and ate their meals cold
He won’t eat alone and she won’t sleep till he got back 
Even the troubles said – oh what the heck

Kisses after kisses love healed it all,
Their time away was their biggest fall
Her’s and His is a story rarely told, but it’s utterly sweet
That’s what the heavenly lords aimed for when they created Adam and Eve